Hello there.

I'm a hobbyist developer and hacker from Switzerland, and go by the name Siguza.
On the internet you will most likely find me under that name, with the picture above as my avatar.

If you want to contact me:
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My projects

Bukkit Plugins

I created and maintain a few plugins for the popular Minecraft server version/mod/whatever "Bukkit".
Most of these plugins are released on dev.bukkit.org, dev builds (bleeding-edge) are available on my Jenkins server and their source code is hosted on GitHub.
But I've also made a few non-public plugins. :P
Me on dev.bukkit.org  My Jenkins  Me on GitHub  


This is not "my project", but I'm part of it.
TWLan (short for "Tribal Wars LAN") is a remake of the popular browser game "Tribal Wars", aimed to be hosted and played in local networks with friends.
You have a whole game world for you and your friends, you can game games speeds way above the ones on the official servers and there are a lot of modifications available.
TWLan Website  TWLan on Facebook  The original Tribal Wars  

by Siguza